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Organizational Effectiveness Through Feedback Management

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Great Brook helps organizations collect and apply feedback to improve operations

Dr. Fred Van Bennekom of Great Brook
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Fred, I loved the book. It has really helped me work more effectively with our outside vendor. I had very little experience and understanding of surveys making it difficult for me to really grasp what the company was telling me. After reading the book, I really am able to take a more active role in the process.
-- Mary McKellar, Digital Insight
Thank you, Fred for everything. Your workshop has been so beneficial even in the brief time since. I think I have already used every aspect of your training.
-- Donna Batten, The Institute of Internal Auditors
Without feedback, we're flying blind. Capturing and applying feedback from our stakeholders is vital to all organizations to survive, grow, and prosper.  Good feedback loops allow us to assess our products from our customers' eyes -- the ultimate arbiter --- and learn from our employees about our organizational challenges.  But...

Is your organization hearing all that needs to be heard from your customers, your employees, and other stakeholders?
Are you using the best listening tools for the purpose at hand?
Are the instruments for hearing these messages properly tuned?

At Great Brook, we help organizations listen better to their customers, employees or other critical stakeholders. We help organizations develop robust feedback systems to capture these vital information flows and then apply the information to their operations to gain strategic, competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Design for Supportability Model
Survey and
Research Programs
-- Workshops and Targeted Advice --
Customer Support Strategic Capabilities
-- Design for Supportability --
Great Brook has deep expertise in the design and execution of survey programs and projects. We conduct research projects in full, but also offer self-help capabilities through targeted advice and training in our spectrum of offerings:
Customer Surveying: A Guidebook for Service Managers, published by Customer Service Press.
Survey Design Workshop and Survey Data Analysis Workshop to teach you how to successfully conduct a survey program. We cover project management, questionnaire design, survey administration (for paper, telephone and online web surveys), and data analysis. We offer both live, instructor-led classes and our new webinar classes.
Customer Feedback Program Design Workshop teaching how to build a feedback program.
Survey Mentor suite of targeted consulting to help improve survey questionnaire design, guide you through the launch of a new program or bring an outsourced program back in-house.
Voice of the Customer Audit and Survey Audit services to identify shortcomings in current feedback listening posts.
Hearing what the customer or other stakeholder says is only half the battle. The information must be leveraged in the organization. Service Recovery programs help retain at-risk customers and Customer Loyalty programs engender long-term, profitable relationships.

General Doriot, the ARD venture capitalist who help found Digital Equipment Corporation, is credited with saying, "Either make it or sell it. Don't count it" -- commending the value-adding functions in a business.

"Make it" has new meaning. "Making a solution" for a customer now includes product support -- in all its facets -- for the hardware or software the customer owns. The strategic potential for customer product support services is huge, yet it is typically underappreciated, undervalued, and underutilized. While the product usage and support is the end of the product life cycle, that stage is the start of the information life cycle that allows companies to create products that meet customer needs and exhibit good design for supportability.

Our unique research demonstrates customer support's key strategic role in capturing:

Product performance feedback
Customer needs

With this knowledge customer support has key deliverables in the New Product Development process to ensure Design for Product Supportability (SM) characteristics in the product. Our goal is to help customer support organizations achieve their strategic potential in all areas.

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