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Helping Organizations Listen Better...

Your survey results should reflect
your audience's views.  
But that requires that you:
> Ask the right questions and
> Ask the questions right.

Technology isn't the answer.
Training and advice is.

How We Help You Listen Better...

Our self-help survey book walks you through a survey project, teaching you the critical elements of a well done survey in an easy-to-understand delivery.

Great Brook's signature products:  Survey Design Workshop and Survey Data Analysis Workshops.  You'll get hands-on instruction on all aspects of a survey program.  We offer both public classes or we can train a group at your office. See our current schedule.  Contract us about private classes.  View our Survey Workshop Overview that summarizes the concept of surveying and outlines our courses.

 A suite of services that provide different levels of survey assistance and guidance that also mentor you about effective surveying practices.  The guidance ranges from a quick review of your questionnaire to executing the data analysis and presentation.

Great Brook will review and assess your survey program -- or your broader feedback processes -- providing detailed recommendations to improve your questionnaire and surveying practices to help you get the most from your feedback program.

Don't have the time to do it yourself? We can execute a survey program to your specifications, applying our professional expertise.

At Great Brook, we help organizations:
Listen better to their customers, employees or other critical stakeholders.
Develop robust feedback systems to capture these vital information flows
Apply feedback to their operations for service recovery actions
Gain strategic, competitive advantage through improved product supportability

Can we help you listen better?

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