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Bagster Review
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Waste Management has a pretty cool product for consumers who need the occassional use of a dumpster due to some home renovation project or a general clean out.  The Bagster concept is very appealing, but their service leaves more than a bit to be desired.  
Once the bagster is ready for pickup, you have to schedule a pickup either on the web or by phone. I called (rather than use their web site) to schedule pickup in part because I live on a state highway and wanted to be here when the pickup would occur.  (I work out of a home office.)  I was told the pickup would be in the next three business days, as it says in the their product description.  More importantly, I was also told that I would receive an email on the morning of the pickup. The next day I went out to get my mail and the Bagster was gone.  No email, no call, no doorbell ring.
I emailed customer service, and the agent apologized explaining to me that their systems were down.  So what?  That's why good customer service companies have back-up systems in place.  Interestingly, I hadn't put the waiver form on the bagster. We've had so much bad weather here, and I planned to put it in the bagster on the day of pickup.  Good thing that didn't prove to matter.  But I had intended to put more items in the bagster, and in fact, I had not put several trash bags in the bagster since I was hoping/expecting to meet the driver and make sure I had loaded it correctly.  The driver did take those bags.  (He figured that out.  Kudos to him.  But he didn't take 3 plastic deck chairs that were next to the bagster.)  Though I work out of a home office, I did not hear the pickup truck.
The next day I got the email telling me that pickup has been scheduled for the day before, followed closely by the email confirming pickup has occurred.  
If I hadn't follow the specified procedures, Waste Management would have charged me an extra delivery fee, but in this case they did not follow the procedures they told me they would follow.  This is a clear process failure, and all I got was a weak apology.  I did not receive any type of post-transaction survey.  I did sent a more formal note to Bagster Customer Care, basically saying what I have written here. No response.  That speaks volumes.  
Bottom line: I did not get full value from my purchase. I'll use a local trash hauling service next time.