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The Customer Satisfaction Survey, developed and executed through Fred Van Bennekom, provided us with useful and actionable insights into the overall customer experience we provide.  The nuances which Fred provided visibility to clearly made the difference in the success of this project.

The final data review was thorough and comprehensive; cut into ways we would never have thought of. The entire project was handled in a very professional manner, was completed on time and within the original parameters agreed to.  Because of Fred and Great Brook Consulting, the project was done right!

Lawrence C. Painter
Director of Marketing
Island Oasis Frozen Beverage Company
Great Brook's survey products:
Dr. Fred and Great Brook conducted a loyalty survey with Black Duck customers.  The survey findings and Fred's insightful analyses were timely and actionable.  We came out of the engagement with an objective understanding of how we’re perceived by our customers and how to keep them happy while continuing to add new customers.
His interviews with key customer-facing personnel provided a “ touch point” map we are still using today.  Based on his investigation, we have made some simple improvements to our customer engagement and lifecycle processes that are already adding value, while we implement recommendations with longer-term pay-offs.  
Tony Sullivan
Sr. Director of Customer Support
Black Duck
We've been offering educational webinars for years. Fred's presentation on "Designing a Survey Instrument" is the best attended event we've ever had.  We received a much higher than usual number of questions from the audience, who were incredibly engaged and interested in the topic and in Dr. Fred Van Bennekom's knowledge.  We've received numerous unsolicited emails and phone calls post-event from attendees complementing the presentation and looking for more information on survey design. It's honestly the best overall reaction we've ever had from an educational webinar. It is obvious from the reaction of the audience (made up of service professionals) that survey design is a key initiative for service organizations, and Fred really is the expert!
Michelle McFadden
Product Manager     
Unipress Software
Great Brook is a specialist in survey research projects.  We can conduct a survey for you from start to finish -- or collaborate with you targeting our expertise where it is most needed, such as creating a survey questionnaire design or performing survey data analysis.  We do our targeted survey consulting through our Survey Mentor product suite.  We also create broader market research programs of which survey projects may be a key part, and we specialize in service recovery programs.

Looking to develop your survey skills and
improve your survey programs?  
Our Survey Workshop series provides three intensive days of training with a survey expert.  Even those attending with some background in survey projects are amazed at how much they didn't know.  
We have conducted many survey projects and excel in the challenges of creating a unique survey program to meet your needs, applying the techniques taught in our Survey Guidebook and in our Survey Design Workshops for those who wish to conduct their own survey projects or be a more knowledgeable partner in an outsourced survey project.   Custom survey projects for a client might include:
Customer satisfaction survey, either transaction-driven or a broader relationship survey.  We have particular expertise based on our background in customer service areas.  
Employee, HR, or training surveys.  
Assisting in the selection of survey automation tools.
Bringing an outsourced customer feedback program in-house.  We can help design the processes, select the automation tools, and assist, train, and mentor the program manager duriing the transition period.
Small-scale research projects with interactive interviews to gauge customer, supplier, or employee attitudes about some aspect of your business.
Redesigning service program offerings by statistical analysis of those program elements and business practices most valued by customers -- and thus those elements for which they are most willing to pay -- while leveraging the core competencies of your service organization.
Analysis of competitor practices.
Facilitating a company meeting to drive toward development of an action plan to address a critical business issue.
Our first step in any such engagement is to assess your needs to be sure that whatever work we recommend -- or don't recommend -- truly meets your underlying information research requirements. Great Brook will determine the research approach that can best provide you the information or results to address that need, applying the best combination of research and statistical methods, such as:
Focus groups
Personal interviews
Critical incident studies
Mass administered surveys
Advanced statistical analysis tools, such as conjoint analysis and regression analysis -- whatever is best suited to the purpose.
Next, we will discuss the level of collaboration you as the client wants.  Survey projects have five major components
Project planning
Survey instrument (questionnaire) design, which includes possible field research
Administration of the survey instrument
Survey data analysis, report writing, and management presentation
Implementing the results in your organization
Great Brook can perform all of these for you or collaborate with you to leverage your organization's capabilities and to meet your budgetary goals.  We are very flexible in how we work with clients. Our Survey Mentor Suite shows typical targeted engagements with limited scope and budget.  We can apply the same logic to a broader engagement.  Once we have a good understanding of your needs, Great Brook will develop a proposal including a list of key deliverables and a schedule.  
Regardless of the scope of the project, we work with you in partnership.  Great Brook may play the project management role and will perform the work as proposed, but as the client you obviously have the deepest knowledge of your company and the group of interest being surveyed.  We will leverage that knowledge, but more importantly, we will involve you in key decisions during the survey project, for example, the design of the questionnaire and facets of the administration process.  Through this partnership, we will deliver a higher quality product -- and you will learn more about the surveying process.  As professional educators, we are most satisfied with projects where we leave the client with tangible deliverables and knowledge.  
Contact us with your business problem and let us propose how we can help you solve the issue.  

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