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If you're building a customer surveying program for a support service operation, and you are looking for more assistance than books on survey design can simply provide, the Support Services Questionnaire Library & Survey Assistant may meet your needs.  This Library provides a comprehensive set of tools to assist a survey project manager from the start of the project to the writing of the report.  As a toolkit, it provides as much assistance as is possible -- short of personal consulting. The tools focus on the areas of expertise that a seasoned survey creator can provide -- and you can apply. Think of the Questionnaire Library as  a "consultant in a box."

Looking to develop your survey skills
and improve your survey programs? 
Our Survey Workshop series provides three intensive days of training with a survey expert, Great Brook's Founder, Dr. Fred Van Bennekom. This is a unique training offering, and we've doing running these workshops since 1997.  Even those attending with solid backgrounds in survey projects are amazed at how much they didn't know.  
We offer discounts for combining the Library with the Workshops.
The heart of the Questionnaire Library is a set of well over 100 survey questions written to comprehensively address the attributes of a support service delivery event and questions that measure summary attitudes driven by the service.  Each question is written for 5 scale types to provide you extensive flexibility in building your own survey instrument, whether it be an on-going transaction-driven survey or an annual relationship survey.  The Questionnaire Library also contains examples of survey program announcement notices, introductions, instructions, section headings, subject lines for email invitations and other text that is part of a survey instrument. Sample instruments are also included.  Quite simply, all the tools are here for you to build a quality survey instrument.  
How can you use the Questionnaire Library to build your own questionnaire?
First, decide what attributes of the service delivery event you want to measure.
Second, decide on a scale type.
Third, select those questions for that scale type from the Questionnaire Library that measure the above attributes.
Fourth, write the introduction, instructions, and other accompanying text using examples in the Library.
But the assistance of the Support Services Questionnaire Library & Survey Assistant doesn't stop there!  First of all, you get one year of updates to the Library from time of purchase.  Simply register your purchase with Great Brook.  Further, in electronic media, we provide additional, invaluable material for your survey project:
An example of survey data analysis using an Excel spreadsheet on a sample data set, including charting the results.  With this spreadsheet you can take the formulas and apply them to your own data set.  It also shows an efficient, clean way to lay out your spreadsheet to simplify the analysis task.  
Survey sample size calculator in an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to determine the number of responses needed for different levels of statistical accuracy and for different "population" sizes.  
Project management templates using Microsoft Project and Excel for a typical survey project.  The template won't match your project exactly, but it contains a comprehensive list of the tasks you might perform with ideas about the amount of time required for each task. This will help ensure your project plan is realistic, and the input of a seasoned surveyor means that tasks will be identified that a novice surveyor would not even consider.    
Sample management report outline.  This report outline will show you the typical sections of a management report.  
Each of these tools alone -- the Library, the spreadsheet, the project plan, and the report template -- will save you days and days of work while reducing your uncertainly in managing the project.  Combined, they're a compelling value.  

With the
Support Services Questionnaire Library & Survey Assistant
you will save days -- if not weeks -- of time.  
And your result will be a higher quality survey program!
The list price of the Support Services Questionnaire Library & Survey Assistant from Great Brook is US $295.00, but we are now offering our full color version for $145.00, printed on heavy weight, bright white paper, spiral bound.  Black-and-white versions (printed on basic white paper) can be purchased for $95.00.  Attendees of our Survey Design Workshop qualify for a 30% discount. And if you order tDr. Fred's how-to book, Customer Surveying: A Guidebook for Service Managers, we'll reduce the price of the Customer Surveying book by 50% off the current price.  
Several of our Survey Mentor products include the Questionnaire Library along with personal advice and counsel.
Occassionally, we have books that have been used as display copies or that have some other minor damage to them.  These we sell at a discount.  Please contact us by phone or email for availability of "B stock" copies of the library.  
Shipping Costs.  Check our order form for shipping rates.  We do ship internationally. Almost all our shipments go out same the next day and sometimes same day.  We have held our shipping costs constant for several years, but the recent shipping cost increases forced us to raise our shipping rates.  Follow the link for details about our shipping processes especially international shipments.
To order, please use our secure on-line order form.  Or contact us by phone or email.  
Want to preview parts of the Library?  Complete the request form and we will send you -- with no charge or obligation -- the first three chapters of the Library.
Printing information: 86 pages, 8.5" x 11", spiral bound.  

Table of Contents
Chapter 1.   Introduction
Chapter 2.   Organization of the Support Services Questionnaire Library & Survey Assistant
Chapter 3.   How to Use the Support Services Questionnaire Library & Survey Assistant
3.1.     Project Planning     
3.2.     Survey Instrument Development     
3.3.     Administration (Distribution and Data Collection)    
3.4.     Analysis & Reporting    
3.5.     Take Action     
3.6.     Other Guidelines for a Well-Designed Survey Instrument   
Chapter 4.  Motivational and Explanatory Text: Announcement Notice, Survey Introduction, Instructions, Section Headings, and Closings     
4.1.     Announcement Notice     
4.2.     Hardcopy, Email, and Web-Form Surveys    
4.2.1.     Subject Lines     
4.2.2.     Introductory Notes     
4.2.3.     Survey Instructions     
4.2.4.     Section Headings    
4.2.5.     Closings     
4.3.     Telephone Surveys - Script and Control Sheet     
Chapter 5.   Response Scales: Choosing and Applying a Scale
5.1.     Scale Design Considerations     
5.2.     Scale Types & Instructions in the Library     
5.2.1.     Expectations-Met Scale     
5.2.2.     Satisfaction Scales     
5.2.3.     School-Grade Scale     
5.2.4.     Strength-of-Agreement Scale     
5.2.5.     Always - Never Scale     
5.2.6.     Yes-No (Binary) Scales     
5.2.7.     Likelihood Scale
5.3.     Implementing Scales Using the Library   
Chapter 6.   Tailoring the Question Terminology and Phrasing     
Chapter 7.   Sample instruments     
7.1.     Transactional Survey - for a hardcopy survey     
7.2.     Periodic Survey     
Chapter 8.   Sample Data Analysis     
Chapter 9.   Sample Report     
Chapter 10.   Questionnaire Library     
10.1.     Service Encounter Attributes     
10.1.1.     Installation     
10.1.2.     Service Request Logging     
10.1.3.     1st Level Support     
10.1.4.     On-Site Support     
10.1.5.     2nd Level (Escalation) Support     
10.1.6.     Service Recovery     
10.1.7.     People     
10.2.     Summary Questions     
10.3.     Demographic Questions     
10.4.     Open-ended questions     
10.5.     Measuring Importance, Expectations, and Priorities     
Chapter 11.     About the Author     

Worried you won't be happy with this product?  

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